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Tailoring service for a perfect length just the way you like your clothing to fit you in length ( only ) SIMPLY select the item to buy and add to cart the height you want to get your piece to get tailored Height from shoulder to floor un inch ( where ever you want it to end ) Please make sure to to purchase the right number of tailoring according to the number of pieces your purchasing . for e.g. if you purchase 3 abayas and you want them all tailored to your height , you will need to add 3 tailoring items to your cart with the 3 abayas.
PS: Please note that in addition to the dispatch time tailoring takes a added 72 h for us to drop your piece to the tailoring service , and to pick it up before dispatch . No return or refund on any of any tailoring clothes from us . Barakalahufikoum :)
4.99 GBP