19.90 GBP

A MADINA signed collection.

We decided to name AL MASTURAH meaning "the covered " in Arabic.
Covered ourselves which is our purpose as any muslimah.
Covered ourselfes to preserve our modesty and dignity.
Covered and still elegant and feminine with the respect of our faith and religion.
Being proud of it by Showing the best of it.
And Adding a little of MADINA Parisian touch and then you get it ! :" Stand out without being noticed "

AL MASTURAH COLLECTION will cover you at best while fluidity and elegance.
A collection that also has the particularity as in all the MADINA signed collection of being able to combine the pieces between them, and thus to obtain several outfits according to your needs.
Made in a Muslim country with opaque fabrics, ultra fluid and pleasant, premium quality.
In the photo, This outfit is composed of three pieces:

Here in plum colour 2.MASTURAH OPEN SIDES CAPE/HIJAB :

A jilbab-style cape with the same tie back (underneath the head and the possibility of covering your chin if you wish).
What makes this jilbab cloak so special, is to have open sides, to best release your movements, especially when you wear a large abaya underneath, which will cover you already enough.
So we opted for a cape that is practical and pleasant to wear.


Manufactures the same pleasant soft matter and still opaque.
With an elastic that will allow you to fix it behind the head and under the eyes. So very simple and practical!

You can add the short glossy gloves or the long glossy gloves to complete the outfit and make it so elegant .

To order this AL MASTURAH outfit, you have the choice!
You can buy (depending on your needs and wishes ):
- only the abaya,
- the Cape
-the niqab.
-or the abaya and the cape
-or the cape and the niqab
-or the complete outfit consists of three pieces: the abaya, the cape, the niqab.