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What's a JILBAYA ? Already 10 years that We decided to call it JILBAYA (protected nomination and model by MADINA) 10 years ago,We were looking for a confortable mix between a abaya and a Jilbab . Then we called it JILBAYA (mix of the 2 words :Jilbab/ABAYA) A model that will represent both the best of a Abaya And a Jilbab. A width butterfly abaya with a included ninja scarf . Why this MADINA DESIGN is just a mush have ??? 1-You don't have to use any pin or tie anything :YOU ONLY HAVE TO SLIDING ON AND ...that's it ! 2-The first instant Jilbab that (despite the width) can be worn with any type of jacket , due to the specific shape of the jilbaya : the fabric will not pull up or decrease in size or make you feel uncomfortable . The most COMFORTABLE MADINA DESIGN you have ever know ! 3-A Special Airy ninja scarf (not too tight ) to let you decide between adding a veil or not ,and it will just save up for when you are in the go or in a run (which it's the case for most of us women 😬) . There IS no stitch under SO you can cover up your chin as a jilbab 4-Extensible arm sleeves so confortables and Udhu friendly with a small space to allow you using them as mitaines . 5-You can personalise it as you want Any Hijab even a short one or the Maxi hijab Nora square (as in the picture beige or blue or black or any colours of your choice from our nora collection ) or rectangle (LENA) . Any Snood Hijab Any Cape ,poncho of our collection And you can ever let your hijab open as the neck will be already covered by the ninja scarf already included . 6-The fabric is just amazing and so good quality ! PLEASE NOTE It can be worn with a niqab or without . THE niqab model is the "al masturah niqab "In The picture This one is available on our niqab section ,but you can wear it with any of our Niqab full range collection. There IS not YOUR size ? You can tailor and make it exactly to your size by adding in your cart a Tailor option (accessories section )