44.90 GBP

“Time flies over us,but leaves its shadows behind .” Here our new #jilbayaNoor 😍 New JILBAYA 2 pieces available. Tight sleeves Two pieces top and skirt . Nidha fabric . Leather look pieces on shoulders Tight back head band (like the jilbab ) What’s the difference between a *jilbaya and a jilbab ? The jilbab is a one piece or two pieces and holding the all piece from the top of the head ,and you stitch it most of time with a tight back . The jilbaya look like the same but the difference is that the head is like a ninja scarf with a line on the neck ,and the weight of the outfit is on the shoulders like a abaya instead of holding it from the head . So that’s why called it *jilbaya (deposed and protected by MADINA ) as it a a mix between jilbab and a abaya . Speciale Discovery price.