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THE HALF NIQAB MASTURAH The half niqab is a design that allow you to wear your niqab from the bottom of your eyes ...so nothing will come on your eyes and this is the easiest way to wear the niqab and very comfortable .It hold using a elastic behind your head and you can pop down to uncover your face or up to cover your face using the elastic . Manufactures the same pleasant soft matter and still opaque fabric than our almasturah abaya and cape and our HAYYA premium co . With an elastic that will allow you to fix it behind the head and under the eyes. So very simple and practical! As this model start from the noise part and not the head , You will need to be sure your bump head part is covered with your hijab or jilbab or head band (lili or Lola ) .


3 ways to wear it 

1-Fully coordinated with HAYYA or AL MASTURAH CO

2-With a full black set and niqab will be the only colour touch (picture ) or match details like bag or shoes .

3-To match your ABAYA ALMASTURAH or HAYYA and keep hijab black 

4-GRADUATED EFFECT : Same general colour but not exactly the same to get a fully ombré effect .For example your own grey abaya or jilbab with dark grey half niqab