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We decided to call it jelbaya since it is here a mix between the abaya and the jelbabe.Less wider and more extensible than the classic jelbabe.It is ultra comfortable and pleasant to wear everyday.It is enough to put on, Without need of a pin or whatever the hood will take the form of your face and will be fixed without any pin because of the stretch fabric. . You simply need to add either: - a long Hijab - or a cape like our mastour cape you Find here: http://madinacollection.com/products/capes-With long cardigan as our maxi cardigan you can find herehttp: //madinacollection.com/products/maxi-jumperVery comfortable, And Flexible.This Jelbaya is just awesome With the cape like! Our collection is made of pieces that you can all match each other very easily and in order to always leave your personalized.Ideal for a Use every day (look for children al school for example) and it will simply be irreplaceable. Initial price: 32eYou can add a custom size retouch by clicking this link: http: //madinacollection.com/product/tayloring-service

>Nous avons decide de l appeler jelbaya puisqu'il sagit ici d un melange entre la abaya et le jelbabe.
Moins large et plus extensible que le jelbabe classique .
Elle est ultra confortable et agréable a porter au quotidien.
Il vous suffit de l enfiler ,sans besoin d une epingle ou quoi que ce soit la cagoule prendra la forme de votre visage et sera fixe garce a son tissus extensible .
il vous suffira simplement d'ajouter soit :
-un long Hijab
-ou une cape comme notre mastour cape que vous trouverez ici : http://madinacollection.com/products/capes

-Avec long cardigan commenotre maxi cardigan que vous pourrez trouver icihttp://madinacollection.com/products/maxi-jumper
Très confortable , Et Souple.Cette Jelbaya est tout simplement génial avec la cape comme !
Notre collection est faites de pieces que vous pouvez toutes assortir les unes aux autres très facilement et afin de vous laisser toujours votre touche personnalise.
Ideal pour une Utilisation tous les jours (chercher les enfants a l école par exemple ) et il sera tout simplement irremplaçable.
We call it Jellaba as its a mixe between the word jellaba and abaya .
This jelbaya is a clothing made as the base for every Outfit .
it puts itself without need of a hairpin and attaches easily ,Also that a sock. :)
Just add :
-a long Hijab
-or a cape :as our mastour cape http://madinacollection.com/products/capes
-a long cardigan as
And Thats it!
Very confortable , And Light.
This Jelbaya is Just awesome with the cape as the Mastour cape for example .
Our collection is made of pieces that you can mix and match and then let you find your proper modesty style .
Use it daily and it will be just irreplaceable .

SIZE1: up to 56 (1m63)
SIZE2:up to 58 ( 1m 72)
SIZE 3 : up to 60 (1m75)
SIZE 4: up to 62 (1m82 )